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Districts Rely on SEC for Salary Studies

September 7, 2017

SEC’s expertise in educational and school finance is at work in the salary studies that our team is conducting for a number of school districts. Central office leaders, classified staff, and principals and others who receive supplements all can be included in the studies. SEC compares employee salaries to other districts and looks at the public sector market to determine recommended changes. Cumberland County Schools, a 50,000 student NC district, turned to SEC for a comprehensive salary study and development of new salary schedules in 2016-2017. Ruben Reyes, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources with the district, has this to say about SEC’s work: “I would highly recommend SEC to other districts that are considering conducting a salary study. While there are several companies who have experience conducting salary studies, I can assure you that you will not find an organization that has the educational and school finance knowledge that SEC possesses.”

Let SEC tailor a salary study to your district’s needs. Contact Hank Hurd at 919-698-5449 or email hhurd@secrives.com