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Salary Study Sign-up is Under Way

June 7, 2017

SEC will conduct salary studies for school districts this summer and fall. Sign up today to get the best pricing! SEC salary studies help districts determine how competitive they are with the job market and with other districts. These studies also can include development of new salary schedules and recommendations for phase-in of salary changes. SEC Salary Studies Feature:

&#61623       Candid discussion with district leaders about salary issues and consensus on goals.

&#61623       Individual analysis with comparison information with job market and/or district positions.

&#61623       Recommendations tailored to your district for key areas needing salary changes.

&#61623       Options for budget phase-in from seasoned finance officials.

Studies will begin in July so call or email today. Pricing improves when more districts are involved! Contact Hank Hurd, SEC Partner, at 919-698-5449 or email hhurd@secrives.com