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NC State Recognizes Carl Harris

January 31, 2012

SEC Partner Dr. Carl Harris was among 18 alumni who were recognized by the North Carolina State University Alumni Association as “some of NC State’s greatest stars” the weekend of January 28. The Alumni Association honoring Dr. Harris and 17 other alumni and friends of the university for their professional and personal accomplishments and their continuing support of NC State, the Alumni Association and the Wolfpack Club.

“Their light, ignited by their NC State education and fueled by their own successes, reflects upon their alma mater, enhancing NC State’s reputation around the world,” Chancellor Randy Woodson said during the “Evening of Stars” at Prestonwood Country Club in Cary. “They unequivocally add value to an NC State degree. “These are alumni who have made impacts around the globe; through television broadcasts and comprehensive websites, on Main Street and Wall Street; through rhyme and reason; in factories, laboratories, classrooms and boardrooms.”

Dr. Harris earned his Ed.D. in education administration at NC State. SEC celebrates Carl Harris and this recognition. More information on the award is at http://www.alumniblog.ncsu.edu/.