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Local schools are benefiting from millions of dollars that SEC has saved through our efficiency studies. At SEC, our experts study your operations and recommend more efficient ways of allocating resources. These reviews are putting money where it is most needed—in the classroom to benefit students!

Financial Wellness Services

With SEC’s Fiscal Wellness Check-Up, veteran school, finance, and operations officials study how financial and human resources are used in your district. We present recommendations for more efficient use of these resources. What sets SEC apart is that we also have the ability to help implement these recommendations using the “best of the best” in that area.

Financial Wellness Support includes evaluating:

  • Fiscal health of school district, including audit and fund balance analyses, sustainability of enterprise funds (child nutrition, etc.), and grant compliance
  • Effectiveness of human resource allocations/staffing, professional contract analysis, staff allocations and formulas, and outsourcing potential
  • Efficiency of operational resources (Central office, transportation, maintenance, child nutrition, and other areas)
  • Overall resource management of federal, state, and local fund usage; risk management and other insurance programs; e-rate and technology systems; construction and Capital outlay

Finance Training

In addition to reviewing the fiscal health of school districts, SEC offers training to ensure that finance personnel, school leaders, boards of education, and other officials understand the complex system that makes up North Carolina’s school finance arena.

Key components that can be covered include (note: sessions are tailored based on the needs of participants):

  • Laws Impacting School Budgets
  • Local, State, and Federal Sources of Funds
  • Key Definitions in School Finance
  • Important Dates in the Budget Cycle
  • Budget Authority and Roles and Responsibilities
  • Position/Dollar/Categorical Allotments
  • Personnel Costs and Position Options
  • Ways to Handle Unfunded Mandates and Discretionary Cuts
  • Suggestions to Redirect Resources
  • Audit Requirements and Resolutions
  • And additional finance topics as requested

To learn more, download our finance seminar flyer.

Finance Officer Services

SEC provides on-site support for finance officers and staff. In addition, we can evaluate the efficiency of your finance operation, assist with maximizing technology for finance operations, independently review your budget, and more. If your district has a finance issue, it is highly likely that our experts can help. Here’s some of the ways:

  • Training and Mentoring for Finance Officers
  • On-Site Support for Finance Officers and Staff
  • Finance Operation Efficiency Evaluation
  • Technology Support for Finance Operations
  • Independent Review of District Budget

To learn more, download our finance officer support flyer.

Human Resource Services

The largest share of a school district’s budget is tied up in personnel costs. Is your district getting maximum use out of every dollar spent on staffing? For most districts, the honest answer is that they have no way of knowing. At SEC, we help local districts examine positions and resource allocations to ensure that hiring and finance laws are being followed and that every dollar spent on personnel is used as effectively as possible.

SEC also offers mentoring support for finance and HR leaders and efficiency studies to ensure that these departments and others are operating efficiently. SEC Human Resource Services Include:

  • Hiring Reviews: to ensure that districts are meeting legal requirements and hiring the most qualified individuals
  • Teacher Licensure Reviews and Audits: to confirm that state guidelines are being followed in hiring teachers and to review and assist with licensure salary audits
  • Salary Studies/Analyses: to compare district salaries with those of other similar entities and to review salary ranges/levels
  • Departmental Organization Analyses: to review job descriptions, pay grades, and more regarding specific departments and recommend efficiencies
  • Benefits Administration: to review employee benefits, including cafeteria benefits plans, and recommend efficiencies
  • Records Management: to conduct records reviews to ensure that state requirements are followed
  • HRMS Implementation: to assist districts in effectively using the HRMS system for hiring and managing staffing and position allocation
  • Hiring and Mentoring: to assist districts in hiring leaders for finance and human resource departments and to offer mentoring support for new finance and HR directors

To learn more, download our staffing flyer.

Transportation Services Review

Fuel costs, parts expenses, and increasing pressure to operate at the highest safety levels while being cost effective have school district transportation departments on the alert for any areas where they can use resources more wisely. SEC offers transportation services reviews to provide an independent analysis of transportation operations and budgets. SEC meets with school and district officials, studies bus records, and analyzes operations to ensure transportation departments are operating in a productive, effective, and economical manner.

SEC will study:

  • Comparisons with other similar size transportation departments
  • Funding efficiency ratings and ways to improve
  • Personnel costs and procedures
  • Purchase of bus parts, fuel, repair, and more
  • Safety and other areas of concern to districts

Child Nutrition Services

In most school districts, the Child Nutrition Program is one of the largest federally-funded programs. With the right actions, these programs can be profitable. SEC can review the operations of your child nutrition area and examine position allotments by school and food inventories to ensure that every dollar is spent wisely. Our finance experts also offer mentoring support for child nutrition and finance leaders to ensure that programs are financially solvent.

  • Financial Analysis: to review current financial records and practices to provide financial projections through the end of the fiscal year
  • Salary Studies/Analyses: to compare district salaries with those of other similar entities and to review salary ranges/levels
  • Child Nutrition Organization Analyses: to review job descriptions and pay grades of the department and to ensure organizational efficiencies
  • Records Management: to conduct records reviews to ensure that state requirements are followed

Salary Studies

Human Resources offices in school districts are often overburdened and understaffed resulting in too little attention paid to the employee salary compensation structures. There are national firms that conduct salary studies for public entities but they seldom have the school HR experience of SEC’s partners and consultants. SEC conducts studies of certified and classified employee compensation completed by veteran education administrators who understand the challenges districts face. Participating districts receive an individual analysis and specific recommendations for improving inequities and enhancing their salary structure.

SEC Salary Studies Feature:

  • Candid discussion with district leaders about salary issues and consensus on goals.
  • Individual analysis with comparison information with job market and/or district positions.
  • Recommendations tailored to your district for key areas needing salary changes.
  • Options for budget phase-in from seasoned finance officials.

To discuss your salary compensation needs, contact Hank Hurd, SEC Partner at 919-698-5449 or email hhurd@secrives.com.

To learn more, download our Salary Study flyer.

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