Meet Our Experts

Kay Williams


Kay Williams is a long-time education writer and director of communications for local school districts and for the NC Department of Public Instruction. She has been involved in writing about and leading strategic communications initiatives in the education arena for 35 years. She worked directly with two State Superintendents and the Deputy State Superintendent. Ms. Williams also was director of Public Affairs for Durham Public Schools, one of the 10 largest districts in NC. She and her team developed a state and national award-winning communications program for DPS. Most recently, she was communications director for TE21, an assessments and education product provider for schools and districts nationwide. Under her leadership, a number of publications, videos, programs, and more communications efforts were recognized with awards. She won the Barry Gaskins Leadership Award from the NC School Public Relations Association and has presented on communications at state and national conferences. 

Our Professionals

Kathy H. Isenhour
Partner, School Efficiency Consultants

H. Hank Hurd, MBA
Partner, School Efficiency Consultants

Brenda Jones
Human Resources' Consultant

Ricky Lopes
Partner, School Efficiency Consultants

Dr. Denise Morton
Consultant, School Efficiency Consultants

Leon L. Rives II
Founding Partner

Kay Williams
Consultant, School Efficiency Consultants

SEC Partner Qualifications:

  • Local, state, and federal education administration leadership: U.S. Education Department, State Assistant Superintendent, District Superintendent, Finance Officer
  • Governmental and public school auditing
  • Experience working with small to large, urban and rural districts
  • Local, state, and national trainers of superintendents, principals, school board members and others

Partnership with Rives & Associates, LLP

School Efficiency Consultants is a subsidiary of Rives & Associates, LLP, Certified Public Accountants, a North Carolina company with offices in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Lexington. Rives & Associates has a 25-year history of developing economic plans for clients regardless of size or specialty. We are an accounting firm that goes beyond to ensure that our service model exceeds customer and our own high expectations.