Meet Our Experts

School finance, human resources, operations, and other leaders in schools and finance are a part of the School Efficiency Consultants (SEC) team. SEC has experts in all areas of school business operations who are eager to share their knowledge of efficient use of resources in order to maximize funds to support schools. This expertise is supplemented by a cadre of current and retired education administrators who will assist your schools/district in resource management.

H. Hank Hurd, MBA, CPA, Partner

H. Hank Hurd, MBA, CPA, is the former Associate State Superintendent for Financial and Business Services and Chief Financial Officer at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. He is known across North Carolina as the architect of a model for school districts that helps save millions of dollars.

Kathy H. Isenhour, CPA, Partner

CPA Kathy H. Isenhour is a Partner in SEC following a 28-year career as a school business official and most recently, Associate Superintendent for a city school district. During this career, Kathy earned top awards in school finance including the Association of School Business Officials International Distinguished Professional Eagle Award.

Frank R. Lopes Jr. (Ricky), CPA, Partner

Currently the Associate Superintendent for Business Operations for Cumberland County Schools (NC) Ricky Lopes has over 25 years of experience in public school finance administration, and has demonstrated an ability to maximize the use of all revenue sources for the benefit of school systems. He has presented to the NC General Assembly, to local boards of education and to many other groups.

Leon L. Rives II, CPA, Partner

Leon L. Rives II, CPA is a founding partner of Rives & Associates, LLP and partner in School Efficiency Consultants. At Rives & Associates, LLP, he heads the firm’s tax, audit, accounting, and attest services practice, serving local, national, and international clients. Rives & Associates, LLP has a staff of over 50 professionals providing high quality audit, accounting, tax, and advisory services to clients from three offices across North Carolina.

Additional Experts

In addition to these three experts in schools and finance, SEC has the capacity to involve educators and financial leaders in making your schools more efficient. From school administrators who are current practitioners to state, local, and federal education department personnel, SEC is prepared to involve the most experienced professionals in order to provide excellent service. We also have the entire staff of Rives & Associates to call on for assistance because of our affiliation with this well-respected company in the world of school finance.

Our Professionals

Kathy H. Isenhour
Partner, School Efficiency Consultants

H. Hank Hurd, MBA
Partner, School Efficiency Consultants

Brenda Jones
Human Resources' Consultant

Ricky Lopes
Partner, School Efficiency Consultants

Dr. Denise Morton
Consultant, School Efficiency Consultants

Leon L. Rives II
Founding Partner

Kay Williams
Consultant, School Efficiency Consultants

SEC Partner Qualifications:

  • Local, state, and federal education administration leadership: U.S. Education Department, State Assistant Superintendent, District Superintendent, Finance Officer
  • Governmental and public school auditing
  • Experience working with small to large, urban and rural districts
  • Local, state, and national trainers of superintendents, principals, school board members and others

Partnership with Rives & Associates, LLP

School Efficiency Consultants is a subsidiary of Rives & Associates, LLP, Certified Public Accountants, a North Carolina company with offices in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Lexington. Rives & Associates has a 25-year history of developing economic plans for clients regardless of size or specialty. We are an accounting firm that goes beyond to ensure that our service model exceeds customer and our own high expectations.