Client Testimonials

"In the fall of 2016, the Cumberland County Schools Board of Education engaged SEC to conduct a comprehensive salary study. The scope of this study was massive to say the least, involving over 2,500 employees and 447 unique job categories. SEC’s personal approach, which included face-to-face interviews with several staff members was vital to helping district leadership gain a better understanding of the salary concerns of our employees. It was evident throughout the process that SEC’s extensive knowledge of how school systems are organized and how they function was immensely important to ensuring we obtained accurate results. Following the completion of the study, SEC’s staff has remained available to answer questions and help us navigate the process of implementing their recommendations. I would highly recommend SEC to other districts who are considering conducting a salary study. While there are several companies who have experience conducting salary studies, I can assure you that you will not find an organization that has the educational and school finance knowledge that SEC possesses."

Ruben Reyes
Associate Superintendent for Human Resources - Cumberland County Schools

“When I became Superintendent of Education for DeSoto County Schools, I faced some daunting financial challenges. I reached out to the School Efficiency Consultants (SEC), and they worked with me to find practical solutions to many of the problems that we are facing in our district. They offered a knowledge of best practices from districts around the country, and they still lend assistance when I contact them about various situations. I plan to use their detailed report as a road map, and I am confident that we will make great strides in the upcoming years with our finances and our overall efficiency. I highly recommend the School Efficiency Consultants.”

Cory Uselton
Superintendent, DeSoto (MS) County Schools

We have worked with School Efficiency Consultants on two major projects. For the first one, SEC came in and helped our CFO look for ways to maximize our efficiency. This resulted in saving over a million dollars that we put towards long overdue raises for our non-certified staff. The second project was a salary study that we did along with 3 other neighboring districts. SEC’s information was by far the most accurate our school system has ever received about how competitive our pay structure is compared to other districts. This information has been vital to communicating with our county manager and County Commissioners to assist us with funding our schools. I highly recommend SEC to other school districts in NC!

Chris Lowder, Ed. D.
Superintendent, Cabarrus County Schools

“School Efficiency Consultants (SEC) offers great support in finance and other areas of a school division. I called in SEC to assist with some pressing finance issues and they responded immediately with practical solutions based on their years of expertise in working with budgets at every level. It’s wonderful to know that SEC has budget experts who can help superintendents deal with finance and personnel issues. It’s a pleasure to work with a team with such extensive knowledge of how to best use our dollars and resources.”

Dr. Elie Bracy
Superintendent, Portsmouth (VA) Public Schools

"Kathy Isenhour has helped us on a variety of topics. She has offered us expert advice based on both her personal experience and network of contacts. Our district has benefited greatly from her expertise and I have benefited personally from her friendship. Kathy is great to work with and I would highly recommend her services."

Beth Day
Assistant Superintendent for Finance, Granville County Schools

“Ricky Lopes helped me in my prior system to train our new finance officer and help us migrate to a new financial software package; so when I came to Wayne County he was one of my first phone calls. Ricky and SEC have helped Wayne County Public Schools restructure our Finance Department and save over $1.5 million. He is supporting us in updating to a new software package which will streamline our finances and human resources department. Ricky's experience and knowledge in a similar-size county helped my staff to understand our deficiencies and how we can improve our service to best support students. Ricky, Hank Hurd and SEC's support has been invaluable to me and Wayne County Public Schools.”

Dr. Mike Dunsmore
Superintendent, Wayne County Public Schools

"Kathy Isenhour has the knowledge and skills to propose best practices for any finance department, helping increase efficiency and work flow. Her analytical and technical skills are an asset to experienced finance officers and a necessity to newer ones."

Parker Turpin
CFO, Rockingham County Schools

We engaged Hank Hurd and School Efficiency Consultants to review our employee allocation and other operations. They presented us with a slate of efficiency options that saved us $1.9 million. We redirected those resources to support our 1:1 technology initiative. I highly encourage superintendents to involve SEC in reviewing your operations to achieve more efficiency. They will find ways to save you money!

Dr. Janet Mason
Superintendent, Rutherford County Schools

Hank Hurd has been recognized as one of the top finance officers in the state. After serving as finance officer in Harnett County, he assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer at the Department of Public Instruction and later CFO in Durham. As a local superintendent, I found Hank to be very knowledgeable and service oriented.

Dr. Bill Harrison
Chairman, State Board of Education (North Carolina)

I cannot think of a more qualified individual than Hank Hurd to assist school districts in ensuring that every dollar and position are used to the maximum benefit to students. It was my honor to work with Hank at Durham Public Schools, one of the 10 largest districts in North Carolina, and I can assure my fellow board members and their superintendents that Hank is an outstanding financial leader who is skilled in all areas of operations. We were able to do many innovative things to benefit our students and staff because of the efficiencies that Hank helped us achieve. He is an excellent leader, and SEC provides a most valuable service to school boards and superintendents.

Minnie Forte-Brown
Chair, Board of Education, Durham Public Schools

The professionalism and expertise of the Rives teams are second to none.

Dr. James Benfield
Superintendent, Yadkin County Schools

On August 2, 2010 I assumed the duties as Interim Superintendent of Bertie County Schools. My heart sunk, as I began to review the financial records. The fund balance was unknown and projected to be very low if not close to zero. The interim finance officer was very nice and was swimming hard to stay afloat. She had worked in the system's finance department, but by her own admission, was not up to the monumental challenge of guiding Bertie County Schools back to the straight and narrow financially. This is definitely the short version of a horror story that was prevented from being a monster by Hank Hurd and Rives and Associates. \n Rives came into our house of horrors and helped us to select a capable and well qualified finance officer. They also performed a forensic audit to help us determine our current financial status and they suggested numerous standard operational procedures to ensure adherence to proper financial protocol. Rives and Associates righted the sinking ship, dusted off our map, and left us with a GPS for a better financial destination.

Will Crawford
Interim Superintendent, Bertie County Schools

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  • Bertie County Schools
  • Buncombe County Schools
  • Burke County Schools
  • Cabarrus County Schools
  • Chatham County Schools
  • Craven County Schools
  • Currituck County Schools
  • Decatur City Schools (AL)
  • Durham Public Schools
  • Gaston County Schools
  • Granville County Schools
  • Guilford County Schools
  • Harnett County Schools
  • Haywood County Schools
  • Henderson County Schools
  • Madison County Schools
  • Moore County Schools
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  • New Hanover County Schools
  • Pitt County Schools
  • Rockingham County Schools
  • Rowan-Salisbury Schools
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