School Efficiency Consultants

Leading Strategically, Operating Efficiently

School leaders are making difficult resource decisions. Accomplishing the job of educating students at the highest levels with fewer dollars, reduced staffing, and decreased overall capacity is a way of life for superintendents, other district and school administrators, and boards of education.

Educators must navigate a complex system of local, state, and federal resource allocation and accountability. This “business” side of schools is one for which most administrators and boards can use assistance.

Getting the job done with maximum efficiency is what School Efficiency Consultants is all about. We can help schools apply business efficiencies to school operations to gain more resources for schools. Our educators and MBAs/CPAs work together to ensure that schools and districts achieve efficiencies that can be used to benefit students.

Meet Our Experts
  • Kathy H. Isenhour
    Partner, School Efficiency Consultants

    CPA Kathy H. Isenhour is a senior consultant to SEC following a 28-...

  • H. Hank Hurd, MBA
    Partner, School Efficiency Consultants

    H. Hank Hurd, MBA, CPA is a founding partner of School Efficiency Consultants (...

  • Ricky Lopes
    Partner, School Efficiency Consultants


  • Dr. Denise Morton
    Consultant, School Efficiency Consultants

    Dr. Denise Morton is a retired public school teacher and administrator with over ...

  • Leon L. Rives II
    Founding Partner

    Leon L. Rives II, CPA, is a founding partner of School Efficiency Consultants, ...

  • Kay Williams
    Consultant, School Efficiency Consultants

    Kay Williams is a long-time education writer and director of communications for ...


  • Hank Hurd has been recognized as one of ...

    Dr. Bill Harrison
    Chairman, State Board of Education (North Carolina)